About NLP


NLP is a popular abbreviation used for Neuro Linguistic Programming.

As the name suggests, NLP is the ability to affect or change the nervous system through the use of language. NLP is not magic, but it comes pretty close. For any individual that has a desire to change or achieve more, NLP holds the keys to a new, wealthier, healthier and happier future. NLP in many ways hold the keys to becoming the type person you dream of. What does this really mean? As human beings, we are living, breathing organisms with highly evolved nervous systems. Every experience an individual has in life is processed through this nervous system. How we learn, experience, remember, think, breathe, move, relate, stay healthy and even reproduce are all controlled through this system.

As a result, every human endeavour can be reduced down to a process that flows through this system. NLP can be thought of as the process of modelling the flow of information through the nervous system. This flow produces behaviours and results.

NLP is divided into 2 areas. The first area is fascinating and it is the second area that holds the real power and magic of NLP.

The first area is the area of behavioural modelling. This area is devoted to the discovery of the behavioural process of excellence. It asks the questions “How does a person do excellent behaviour?” “What does a person do with their nervous system to produce excellent results in a chosen field?”

These fields cover every area of human endeavour, from excellence in therapeutic interventions, accelerated learning, sporting excellence to sales and business mastery.

The second area (the real magic and power of NLP) turns this wealth of information retrieved in the first area into pure gold. This second area is a methodology for installing the very processes of excellence into another individual’s nervous system. Simply put, we now have the ability to install behaviour. If an individual would like to take on the behaviours and results of a top performer in any chosen field of endeavour, it is now possible through the processes of NLP.

What behaviour of excellence would you like to achieve? Is it is in sport, finance, health, relationships, business or an area that is unique to you?

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