The 7 Hearts Workshop

The 7 Hearts workshop is about creating …

Personal Happiness and Professional Success


REAL Relationship transformation.


Overview of this 1 day workshop:

Morning Session:

  • Introduction to the Drama Cycle.  Learn how to identify where you are in the drama cycle and learn where other people are.
  • Learn the purpose of a drama cycle and also when it no longer serves you.
  • Learn a position of freedom to make more empowered choices.
  • Access new perceptions on life and how you relate to others to enjoy more harmony.
  • Learn about the circle of concern and the circle of influence and how this relieves anxiety and worry.

Afternoon session:

  • Discover the magical origins of the 7 Hearts
  • Be guided through the  7 Hearts principle
  • Work through the guided exercises to discover  your 7 Hearts map
  • Learn how to apply the 7 Hearts map to create inner peace
  • Learn how the 7 Hearts will create enriched relationships and happiness
  • Learn how to apply the 7 Hearts map to empower you in your work life.

Discover what’s next in your personal development journey ….

  • The Seven Hearts Master Class  is a 2 day course of life changing wisdom and tools to apply to your life now for REAL & rapid transformation.  This class presents to you a  foundation of  NLP tools that assist you to regain freedom, confidence and choices.  The masterclass is unique, entertaining and enlightening.  It is for anyone who knows there is more in life to enjoy & achieve.
  • NLP 8 day course. The universal course that is the powerhouse of change for areas of your life.  Speak to Matt, your Student Development Manager today to find out how these courses can move mountains for you.  Call Matt directly on PH: 0400 340 480.  Free call number 1300 305 173 to make a complementary appointment with Robb Whitewood if you have specific training questions.




  • - Maria Saladino

    This was an amazing workshop! I have a totally new perspective on relationships, behaviours and the roles that we play within relationships.”

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  • - Barry

    - Sales/Motivational Speaker/Life Coach

    Great show guys! A lot to take on!

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  • - Lana

    - Lawyer/Spiritual Teacher & Healer

    Nicely delivered seminar, full of useful tools anyone can easily apply straight into any given situation or circumstance. A great way of learning more about yourself and .... More

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  • - James Oakley

    - Post Delivery Officer

    This workshop was a great introduction to relationships at a roots level, well done team!!! I enjoyed Marcus’s boundary exercise with distance and boundaries. It satis.... More

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  • - Emma Culbert

    - Make up Artist/Teacher/Mother

    Very interesting, loved the segment on gender. The video made so much sense as I myself have had those conversations. I feel that today has been very valuable but is only.... More

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  • - Anya

    - Logistics Team Leader

    Thank you for the inspiration!

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  • - Nickolas A.

    - Massage Therapist/Coach

    Very informative, and actual strategies to apply in love, life, career, relationships. I recommend this workshop to everyone.

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  • - Robert Saad

    - Renovator/Builder

    I have attended Robb’s seminars before and I am still learning that you will never have enough knowledge. Putting words in a different way or context changes the view t.... More

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  • - Saf Hamid

    - Business Owner

    Very informative workshop, highlighting new ways of looking at relationships. The three circle concept makes a lot of sense, looking forward to applying it.

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  • - Sonny

    - Accountant

    This workshop gives you a lot to think about. It’s insightful and interesting, and makes me want to learn more.

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  • - Catalina

    - Life Learner

    Thank you for a wonderful class on relationships! I found it very helpful, interesting & enjoyable.

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  • - Maria Saladino

    - Hospitality

    This was an amazing workshop! I have a totally new perspective on relationships, behaviours and the roles that we play within relationships.

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  • - Kym Hart

    - Casual Storeman

    Great insights into victim, rescuer & persecutor behaviour, and how to chose appropriate responses. Also, co-depending and true love, found it to be very interesting.

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  • - Jenny Holland-Bender

    - Life & Mind Coaching

    Greater understanding of self. Excellent re-enforcement of skills and knowledge. Love it! Love it! It’s always exciting!

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  • - Fraser Robert McKay

    - Actuarial Analyst

    Where have you been all my life? I feel that I have a greater appreciation for what is important in life, and can highlight areas where improvement is required. I’ve wo.... More

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  • - Julie

    - Student/Customer Service/Administration

    It was great learning the difference between the male and female brain, the importance of the circle of influence, and the circle of concern, and the importance of bounda.... More

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  • - Alexandra

    - Real Estate Sales

    Thank you Robb! You truly teach from your heart and are very passionate about what you do. A very inspiring course filled with thought provoking teachings and tools to im.... More

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  • - Tim

    - Speaker/Trainer

    This workshop provides great information and a deeper understanding into relationships with ourselves, loved ones and others, and provides a solid framework into how to i.... More

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  • - Gabriel T.

    - Musician

    Enlightening. Definitely feel that I understand the inner workings of humans & their interactions.

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  • - Lynne

    - IT Customer Service

    This workshop has helped me enlighten in some aspect in dealing with arguments & relationships.

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  • - Paul Forrest

    This was a great refresher that fine-tuned previous learning & re-enforced prior work. Definitely needed it & feel better for participating. Thank you!

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  • - Garvesh

    - Student

    Amazing stuff, reflects how different people really are & helps get you outside of your own head.

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  • - Richard

    A very engaging & interactive learning experience!

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  • - Belinda

    - Bookkeeper/Mum

    I will walk away after todays workshop with a whole new insight into relationships… Inspirational!

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  • - Kim Ward

    - Accountant/Cook

    Never stop learning from this. Ready for more.

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  • - Alana Spinks

    - Banker & Parent

    A great insight into relationships, a totally different perspective that will empower me with all the relationships I have, personal, business & romantic.

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