NLP Intro seminar

Success and Happiness are no accident. Every successful person has a map or a model. NLP is a system of discovering, modeling and installing those maps and models in others so they can achieve the same results.

Because NLP is a system of observing and acquiring new behaviour, it can be used to help acquire that which is important to you.
Areas that are covered for discussion and demonstration include:

  • Removing: barriers, self doubt, limiting beliefs, fear, phobias & depression.
  • How to achieve brilliance in :
    • Business Relationships
    • Sales
    • Personal Relationships
    • Learning & Memory
    • Happiness & Wealth
    • Health and vitality
    • Sports Performance
      and more …

This is a seminar of discovery.  Discovering the why, what and how of NLP.   It is an evening of demonstrating the effectiveness, speed and power of NLP to bring about lasting positive change in a persons life.

NLP Introduction seminar.  Part 1 of 8.  To access the other 7 videos, register your name and email from the home page.

  • - Kirilly Middleton

    - Sydney

    Inspiring, uplifting and empowering. I have already experienced the benefits of an individual 1:1 session with Robb, but this session I feel empowers me to define my own .... More

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  • - Janet Bradbrook

    - Administration/Spiritual Readings

    This workshop helped me to achieve my goals without fear, guilt and sadness. These emotions have been within me for such a long time, as I have been affected by my backgr.... More

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  • - PJ Cox

    - Paramedic

    Thank you! I am very grateful and will now be able to change my life.

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  • - Swati Nampally

    This workshop was amazing! It has cleared my confusion and the dilemma I was living with. I’ve discovered  ME again after 8 years. This workshop has really helped.... More

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  • - Jane Teoh

    - Reception/Psychiatric Clinic

    Today’s workshop was amazing! It is fantastic to see the different processes used to ‘bin’ the unhelpful emotions, in a fun, safe environment.

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  • - Amanda

    - Health Manager

    Opened up my eyes to see how I can control my own state and destiny.

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  • - Andrew Cranwell

    - Business Consultant

    An excellent summary of how NLP can be of benefit!

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  • - Robyn Schmich

    - Web Designer

    I am motivated and excited. Roll on!

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  • - Sagar

    - Entrepreneur

    Robb, thank you for the powerful and instant process of dealing with my overeating  and exercising habits. I am looking forward to extending these lessons in all areas o.... More

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  • - Anon

    - Unknown

    A very positive experience in which to understand why you are like you are and that it is possible to change to a better person and be able to achieve what you want in li.... More

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  • - Alex Hulbert

    - Research Officer

    I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am to you for last night. Robb,the relationship exercise you did with me has changed my perception for the better on so many le.... More

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