About Neuro Linguistic Coaching (NLC)

The Neuro Linguistic Coaching (NLC) Program is designed to empower you by unlocking your focus, creativity, strength and accountability so that you can achieve the consistent results you demand in the most valuable areas in your life.

NLC is profoundly separate to the various traditional and non-traditional therapeutic methods of self-improvement and understanding, such as: life coaching; counselling; mentoring; motivational coaching; advising; or cognitive behavioural therapy.

NLC addresses your personal goals; breaks addictive habits and behaviours; improves business clarity, performance and success; transforms relationships; and strengthens your connection with others; as well as facilitating many other positive outcomes. In short, NLC  succeeds in closing the loop holes that other coaching modalities miss. In many cases, you are not living the life you want due to a misalignment between your goals and your self-beliefs or values. This means that, unbeknownst to you, they may well contradict each other. As a consequence you may find that your goals require you to go one way, but your beliefs and values are pulling you another way. Therefore, if you are feeling lost, depressed, angry, or frustrated in life, it is likely you are experiencing this internal struggle between two conflicting internal thought processes. This is not a recipe for a healthy, balanced and happy future!

Your NLC coach will go through the process of exploring your beliefs about both, yourself and your situation. Is the belief you are harbouring helping you to achieve your desired outcome, or preventing you from triumphing in life? Similarly, what values do you possess on a conscious or subconscious level that are holding you back from reaching your full, untapped potential?

People are unique, and so are their problems and goals. An NLC coach has an inbuilt flexibility when designing a session for a client, resulting in a highly personalised, well–tuned methods and incredibly successful solution. In most cases the client can notice change within the first 2 sessions.

Since NLC is about identifying beliefs and values you may not know exist, but that are impacting your life deeply every day, we will work together to understand and explore your ‘blue print’ of behaviour and subsequently, to provide you with the necessary tools to achieve your desired outcomes.

This is achieved through the following:

  • Identify and break down beliefs and values that are holding you back.
  • Help your mind to move on from past incidents that are preventing possibilities to be realised and utilised.
  • Create new empowered beliefs and values.
  • Understand your ‘blue print’ of behaviour to be able to transform any state you are in to a more empowered state within minutes.
  • Create new strategies through empowering habits that will help you achieve your mission.
  • Be held accountable by your coach to take masterful action.
  • Add untold value to yourself, and as a direct result, add value to those around you.

NLC uses the most advanced technology available in through history, to help you achieve your goals, both personal and professional, and allow you to follow the life path of your choosing

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