You don’t deal with Depression, you get rid of it

Firstly you don’t deal with depression, you get rid of it. I was impressed with the reaction to my last article on depression. It appears to have struck a cord with a number of people. I am going to apologise right up front. This may sound incredibly arrogant, it is meant with a background of experience and knowing. Getting rid of depression is no big deal. In fact, it is really very straight forward. I know there is a multimillion dollar industry out there supplying drugs to fix this issue. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fix it, it only makes it worse when you place chewing gum on the warning light of the condition. I was thinking about how do I write this article today and I was stumped for hours. In the end, I thought to hell with it just tell the truth, always best in the long run.

So how do you deal with it, sorry get rid of it? First, recognise you can’t do it by yourself. This is, without a doubt the biggest hurdle. You have to go to a person that deals with the unconscious mind. Not an individual that talks to you about the unconscious mind and how great it is. You require someone who actually works at being able to change elements within the unconscious mind. These people are about. If you are in NSW drop me a line and I can supply you with a list of people that are highly trained in making this happen.

What do they do? They do a profile of your personality. This generally takes minutes along with how you demonstrate your depression. It is at this point, they will generally ask you as series of strange questions, that you happily answer. Remember the issue lives at an unconscious level so the solution is to be found there as well. You will be asked to remember past events and the emotions that were present. This, of course, becomes the testing criteria, like a baseline that future emotions and reactions are measured. Personally, you might feel a little uncomfortable at this point as old memories may begin to surface. Relax, as you progress through the process you come to realise that you have discovered an amazing ability to no longer have these old feelings. You will have discovered that the old memories that so frequently popped into your head are gone, to such an extent that you may even struggle to remember what they ever were.

With the loss of these feelings and memories, the war that existed between the desires and fears that created you depression have also disappeared. Many people have described it as magic, I must admit after all these years of practice it is still magic to me. I never get tired of asking the question,’Can you do that old problem now?’ Only to see the slightly confused and amazed expression when they have to admit that it is truly gone and gone for good. Thank you for reading, Robb

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