The Fun of Killing Tigers to extinction

The Fun of Killing Tigers to extinction

It may surprise you but I’m really into killing things. More importantly, as I am killing these things it is imperative that I have lots and lots of fun doing it. There must be laughter, jokes and physical torture for the thing I am killing, even dismemberment. I totally am into promoting this idea to my many clients. It has been a huge success, generally my clients walk out of the clinic with a totally different outlook on life.

Have you guessed it yet? I’m talking about anxiety. There are many ways to deal with anxiety most of them just don’t really work. Of course taking lots of drugs does work really very very well. That is if you can deal with the side effects of walking around looking like a zombie and being someone else’s cause for anxiety. You, of course, could use a system of desensitisation. This is where you slowly expose yourself to the tiger in the room, you know the tiger that will rip you to shreds. There is, of course, the denial method. This is where you just repeat to yourself over and over again that there is no tiger in the room even though you can see it, smell it, hear it, no, there is no tiger in the room. How do we know that there is no tiger in the room? Because a guy sitting in front of you is telling you he can’t see it, so it mustn’t exist. He is describing how it is just illogical to feel this way. The tiger is about to rip you apart and he is saying, relax it’s not real.

What the vast majority of professionals in the field of study speak of with great clarity and then just fail to appreciate, is the moment adrenaline is released into the system logic goes out the window. Only that which is an unconscious reaction to the stimulus will occur.

What does it feel like, how do you know that you are having an anxious moment?

Physically: overwhelming sense of panic, hot and cold flushes, racing heart, tightening of the chest, quick breathing, restlessness, or feeling tense and edgy.

Anxiety can occur to anyone, at any moment in time. You would be amazed how many times a day the vast majority of people have these experiences.

So what is anxiety? It is your mind doing its job. It is an external piece of stimulus that is linked to an unconscious perception of imminent danger. In simple terms, tigers eat people, this is really bad. Run away now, no thinking required, run fast now. The only real issue is if we are in a situation where we can’t run. Made even worse by the people about us all looking at the tiger that we know will absolutely kill us saying ‘what tiger, there is no tiger, this in not a tiger.

Truly killing the tiger is the only real solution. The tiger of anxiety is often a physical sensation that is accompanied by an internal future image. From an NLP perspective hypnotically changing the structure of the feelings and sensations is imperative. This is done by changing the submodalities or the building blocks of ones reality. As a result, the link between the external stimulus and the internal association is permanently broken. It is actually quite magical to see. It is even better to be on the other side of the anxiety for the client. Often the client will even deny that they were ever anxious about tigers and totally believe it.

So if you have tigers in you life, come and let me kill them, it is so much fun.

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