Meet the Team


Dynamic Mind Work’s in-house team

Robb Whitewood

Robb Whitewood th

Founder & Co-Director of Dynamic Mind Works.

Robb Whitewood established Dynamic Mind Works in 1999. His vision is to assist as many people help as many people as he can. He would like to leave a legacy of ways to make life better for millions of individuals around the world. Robb Whitewood is a rare combination of trainer, entertainer and motivator. Robb has travelled the world since 16 and worked in many fields including acting and stunt acting within film and television.

He has mastered Hypnosis and NLP both as a master trainer and as a clinician spanning over 30 years. He has studied and practised Chinese Medicine since the age of 15 and is highly qualified and skilled as an Acupuncturist and Diagnostician. His students have referred to him as an Earth Angel.  His corporate clients refer to him as “The Gun” for his sharp shooting behavioural profiling skills.  Robb Whitewood founded the ABNLP (Australian Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming) in 2004 and the AANLP (Association for Applied Neuro Linguistic Programming) in 2015.

Robb’s qualifications and achievements include:
* Certified NLP Trainer
* Certified Master Practitioner NLP
* Certified Master Hypnotist
* Certified Master Practitioner Time Based Therapy   (TBT)
* Founder of Neuro Relationship Therapy (NRT)
* Dip. Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture)
* Founder of the Association of Applied NLP (AANLP)
* Founder of the Australian Board of NLP (ABNLP)

Allison Low

Allison Low Co-Director Dynamic Mind Works

Co-Director & General Manager

Allison joined Dynamic Mind Works in 2006. She completed her NLP Practitioner certification course with Richard Bandler the co-creator of NLP in 2005 in London, UK. Months later returning to Australia to complete the Master NLP Practitioner certification with Dynamic Mind Works.

Graduated with Bachelor of Science, hons Psychology in 1992 and having completed a diploma in Remedial Massage in Australia in 1992 and also in England in 2004 along with EFT qualifications, she has a solid therapeutic foundation. Allison’s career path had been mapped out in Research in Behavioural Sciences but, her flair for Analytical Programming took her overseas from 1995. Travelling the world between 1997 and 2005 she visited over 35 countries and has worked in over 15 multi-national companies.

Allison has a passion for moving Dynamic Mind Works into its next phase of adventure, exploring new ways of packaging well researched methodologies into Programs for the students and clients of Dynamic Mind Works. Allison currently manages the day to day operations of Dynamic Mind Works ensuring in-house processes are running smoothly.  She manages the IT systems including website, client databases and agent portals.

Allison is the joint founder of the Association of Applied NLP (AANLP).

Jessica Roberts


Jessica Roberts

Office & Accounts Manager and Marketing support.

Having grown up in country NSW, Jessica moved to the Central Coast in 2008. She worked in a management role in the marine industry before joining the Dynamic Mind Works team in early 2014.

Jessica loves to multitask: She prides herself on being efficient, independent, dedicated & customer orientated. Jessica will complete her NLP Practitioner Course within the next few months.

Since joining the team, Jessica’s life has changed dramatically!

She has adapted a more healthy, happy & outgoing lifestyle & is excited for her personal future, and also that of Dynamic Mind Works.

Jessica has an interest in fishing, camping and introducing the wonders of nature to her 3-year-old daughter.

“Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It means you have decided to look beyond the imperfections”


Niro Dayalan

Niro Dayalan Principal Coach

Principal Coach

Niro came from a Transpersonal coaching background before he stumbled into Neuro Linguistic Programing (literally! he walked into a sign that was an advertisement for NLP). He saw the sign as a ‘sign’ and looked into it, now he is DMW’s very own and first Neuro Life Coach!

Niro juggles his time well as an NLC Master Coach and as the youngest Executive at a large corporate firm, manages many investments.  He is a student in continuous self-development, a fitness freak and still has all the time in the world for his family and friends. “It isn’t easy, but nothing is ever difficult when there is a plan”.

Based in the inner- west of Sydney, Niro coaches clients in areas of Success and Happiness all over the world. One of Niro’s  passion and strength is creating possibilities and setting actions to make dreams a reality.

“I believe in following happiness, not success!! Once you are happy, Success will hunt you down, pin you to the ground and beg to be with you. Happiness can survive without success, but there is no true success without happiness.”


Lorraine Khouri








Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnosis

Sydney based Lorraine Khouri has always had a passion to help others. From a young age, she recognised her life would be about people.

This began with the tertiary study of early childhood, and has continued through her adulthood with a keen interest in what drives humans and influences their outlook, decisions, behaviour, values and belief structures.

Lorraine has a vast and varied education and skill set in team influence, training, operations, people management, and business management.

NLP certification became a focal turning point in life, with the understanding that lives and generations could and would be impacted with the amazing technology of NLP. Counselling with the all important missing link she had been searching for, guaranteeing direct and immediate impact.

Lorraine’s purpose is clear, to influence and positively impact the lives of others. This became most apparent within the Clinical realm.

Lorraine’s belief that happiness is paramount and pain is only a temporary state, which is in direct correlation with the lesson to be learned. “The faster the lesson is learned, the sooner the pain will end”. In hindsight, it is no longer called pain, rather a necessary education, which only results in wisdom, growth and understanding.

Welcome the lesson, forgive and forget the pain.