Sales, they are the lifeblood of your company…

Sales, they are the lifeblood of your company…
There are so many training programs out there for Salespeople. Many claim to teach you how to close a deal using such convoluted and outdated techniques that simply leave your team confused and feeling worthless, simply because they do not know how to plug them in to their own situation.

Application is everything.

What if the process of selling was simpler than that, much simpler? What if you could have your team walk out of a training program and they could close deals like the pros, more importantly like they are on auto pilot? What if you could clone the results of your top performer and install them into every member of your team? What if you could even improve your top performer’s results?

Business is 80% psychology, 20% skill set – this is a well researched fact, yet so many organisations that come to us, tell us of the many thousands of dollars they have thrown at programs to upskill their teams, giving no real measurable improvement. Unfortunately, they are spending money on the wrong side of the equation, the skill set side. Unless your salespeople can ‘plug in’ the information for themselves, it is simply rolling the dice and hoping for the best… is this what you really want your training budget going towards, a chance that some will get it while many others won’t?

Dynamic Mind Works has been training people in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) for well over 20 years now. Our principal trainer, Robb Whitewood has been officially ranked as number one in Australia and seventeenth in the world. (Out of the thousands of trainers worldwide, this is an amazing achievement!).

One of our speciality programs, Neurological Selling has generated some serious results for many companies in the market, turning profits of many thousands of dollars, we can even boast of bringing one major Australian player into their first billion dollar year, (yes billion!).

Is the above true? best keep with fact.

It is much simpler than you may think.
Every person on the planet has their own unique way of purchasing something, the thing that would convince you to buy a product or service may not be the thing that convinces me to purchase. We all have a ‘hard-wired’ strategy in place within our own neurology that fires off a command to buy. So how do we discover this strategy?

Have you ever heard people complain that salespeople can be pushy?

The issue is, most salespeople can be a little arrogant and disrespectful of someone else’s buying strategy, they try to sell to someone using their very own hard-wired program and then wonder why the client does not respond in the same way that they would. The worst bit about this is that they will make excuses that ‘our asking price is too high’, or ‘the client is just broke’. Simply not true. Not only are you paying a wage to an ineffective employee, you are also not bringing in the dollars that were available on offer, for the closing. At the end of the day, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result? We all know this equals madness. This constant issue will eventually drive your company out of business.
Neurological Selling trains your salespeople in the art of influence and advanced communication. Being able to elicit and read a persons unique buying strategy and simply feeding it back to the client with your product or service wrapped neatly inside, works every time. People cannot fight against their hard-wired neurology, once it is presented to them, they will feel compelled to act upon the feeling they have firing inside. We experience this every single day in many areas, try feeling bad when your sporting team wins a game, try feeling upset when you find a wad of 100 dollar bills on the side walk… you can’t. Training in Neurological selling generates the same results.

We take the confusion out of communication and show you the underlying workings of a persons mental process when deciding on buying or not. We simplify the entire process for you and will revolutionise the results your entire team will achieve, from your worst performer to your very best performer. Our training has been described as having an unfair advantage over the competition time and time again.

The fact is, there will always be a sale made, either you will sell a client on a ‘yes’, or they will sell you a reason of ‘no’. Which one would you prefer?

To discover how this training program will generate brilliant results for you and your team, contact Matt Ryan directly on 0400 340 480 or 1300 305 173 (Press 1 at the prompt).
You can find out more details about the training by clicking this link:…/sales-mastery/

We look forward to working with you.

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