Rules for Life – Part 1

The good news is my fishing licence arrived in the mail yesterday, and it is good for the next five years. People often tell me that what I ask of them is too hard. I suppose it is in some ways and others not so. It is all back to the easy-hard concept. To help those of you who are starting from the easy-hard position, how about a couple of ideas. How about a couple of rules to start you off.

The first rule, of course, is there are no rules. That is not going to help much, is it? But it is true, how about we refer to them as suggestions and guidelines. I remember the first lines of the Tao Te Ching. ‘The way that can be spoken is not the true and constant way’. Pretty sure this goes for things that are written as well. Any time you say a thing is one way, there will be a person or situation to prove you wrong. Even the ten commandments are constantly being ignored.

The main reason for this is they are written in an absolute form; nothing is perfect or absolute. Thou shall not kill, doesn’t seem to include chickens, cows or fish. If that is the case, I’m going to hell for sure, not for the fish, but for the chickens.

So how about rather than absolutes we work on a series of concepts. Concepts like having an objective and going with the flow till it is reached. The concept and realisation that you can see nothing in a person that does not exist within you. How about the idea of that which you resist, persists. The use of grace rather than force. Respect for self comes, first from respecting others. These will be the ideas that we will look at over the next couple of days.

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