Making Life Work – Part 4

To days post is going to be very short. The subject is all about exercise. Yes, it is about that sweaty subject. People often associate pain with exercise, the key to successful fitness is to remove these negative associations. It’s hard, it takes so much time, I don’t have the money. I can’t do it, I’m not strong enough. Your true objective is to associate pleasure to the process.

The simple fitness ideas are as follows.

  1. Doing it, is often easier and takes less energy than putting it off.
  2. Less, often is significantly better than more that is never done.

Walking daily is better than a run never taken.

3.   Forget getting to the gym; the floor is excellent it is also a lot    closer.

Pushups, Squats, Lunges, Dips between two chairs are all that you need.

4.   Keep training program simple.

No need for gadgets.

5.   Remember the first pushup of the morning is always the hardest.    Tell yourself you just have to do one, you will do the next one without thinking. In no time at all you will be doing 100.

6.   Start slow and easy, then add as it gets too easy.

I like to just increase the number 10 today 12 the next.

7.   Only train with a smile on your face. The moment you lose the smile stop.

That might mean you only do one exercise and it is over for the day. Remember: You do have to do the first one.

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