Making Life Work – Part 1

Frequently I am asked to comment on how do you make life work, how do you do life, what is the meaning of life. These types of questions are frequently presented by emotionally exhausted individuals.

They have come to realise the system, plan or approach they have been applying is not quite working for them. It has been a question I have struggled with my entire professional life. I don’t think for a second that I have the complete answer. I’m not even sure there is one.

What I have come to understand or possibly more accurately accept is discipline is the key. Oh God, how many of you just took a deep breath in and looked away for a moment. Did I say the “D” word, you know the word that is full of drudgery. That in some circle the ā€˜Dā€™ word is worse that the “F” word. Relax everyone; It is not about the discipline of doing the right thing all the time in everything you do. It isn’t even the discipline of being told what to do all the time. It is about the taking of personal responsibility in the three major areas of life.

Get these three sectors sorted and I do know for sure the quality of your life will change for the better forever. Don’t think for a second I’m saying it is easy, No it is not, well not in the beginning anyhow. In the long term, it is heaven on earth. What are they, what are these three major areas? Health, Relationships and Wealth. Get a sense of discipline in these three areas of your life sorted and you will never look back.

The vast majority of people have few rituals put in place to maintain these critical sectors of life. At the end of the day, the peak of your happiness will be determined by the one of these three that is the least developed. I like to imagine a bucket with three holes in it. The maximum amount that you can carry in the bucket is not determined by the hole closest to the top edge; it will be dictated by the lowest one. People who specialise in making money at the cost of health loose their wealth fighting to regain their health. The stress of financial issue can be devastating to a relationship. The true irony is people that are all together on the subject of money believe that more money will solve the problems, healthy people will insist that more health will address financial issues. Put simply being wealthy and obese, making more money won’t solve the problem. Health and broke, going for a 10-kilometre run won’t pay the bills. Acquiring daily practices in health, relationships and wealth are important because being healthy improves the quality of your relationships and doing business.

Money presents you with the opportunity to have a relationship without financial pressures. Relationships are essential to good health and wealth. Does it mean that if you get these disciplines in place, you will never have issues again in your life, No? It does mean you will be in the best position to deal with the inevitable twists and turns that life invariably presents. This is what the training in NLP is all about, establishing habits and behaviours at an unconscious level. When we teach life coaching these are the areas we start with. More on Health Wealth and Relationships over the next week.

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