Letting issues out of the closet

2016 is over and like every year there are the not so good things that happen and then there are the amazing things that happen.

What I find most fascinating is you rarely hear about the challenges in a successful life, generally it is just the highlights and victories that are trumpeted from the rooftops.

The issues are frequently kept lock away in the closet. Many of you would be aware that 2016 saw me honored with the ranking of Number 5 in the world for NLP. Little less know is the family dilemmas and turmoils. To me, it is how you deal with the turmoil that develops the knowledge and strength to have the opportunity to succeed. So instead of locking the issues in the closet let them out. This process does a number of very positive things.

Firstly it teaches the children and student about you about the true nature of success and what it take to achieve it. A very important element to letting the issues out of the closet is it significantly more energy efficient, attempting to keep things hidden or quiet is exhausting in the long term.

The more you keep locked away over time the closet gets very full. It is not that you have to herald your issues to everyone, rather just accept that is the process of life if someone has an issue with your issues, make sure you stay well away from their closet if you touch it it is likely to explode.

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