It is that time of year again

Yes, it is January, even more to the point it is the middle of January, the parties are over. It is at this time you are getting back into the swing of things, unfortunately, that is the entire issue, you are getting back into the same old swing. All the new year resolutions are all but forgotten, other than the niggling feelings that nothing has changed. It is going to be the same this year as it was last year.

The reason for this is all about January, it is because in December we generally have time to relax a bit and ponder the year just past. It is also in December we frequently notice that the dreams we had last January were not fulfilled. It is generally the end of December and the beginning of the new year that we start the diet and start to do things differently.

Unfortunately, the middle of January happens, it is time to re-enter the world of work and responsibilities. This is the point in which the unconscious mind kicks into automatic and we start our well trained and embedded behaviours that will lead us to the same place it did last year. This process is very hard maybe even impossible to change without a little help.

Breaking the unconscious momentum is what it is all about.┬áIf you are reading this, there is a good chance you know exactly what I am about. In a funny way, this article is not for you but the people in your life that you care about. It might be for your favourite relatives that you are sick of hearing how things never change. It could be for a co-worker that is struggling emotionally. It is a must of course for the person who is now determined to succeed and just hasn’t got the tools to make it happen. I have been receiving requests to run another NLP training program.

For those of you who have attended in the past, you are fully aware that it is significantly more than just a certification. Many have said, life changing. To me, it is all about giving people the tools and opportunity to break their unconscious momentum, so that next December becomes a true celebration.

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