Easy Hard – Hard Easy – Part 3

Easy-Hard or Hard-easy.

I know it sounds like an odd title. It is really about asking yourself which one are you. Easy hard or hard easy. People fall into one or the other.

There is no right or wrong in it. Like all things, there is always a consequence for your choice.

The reasons behind why you chose one over the other often have a lot to do with early childhood. So what is easy-hard, hard-easy? As you think about the people about you, I would like you to notice them closely.

As you have dealings with them, do they instantly go for the easiest, cheapest, quickest or most convenient solution. This is, of course, the easy at first solution that frequently leads to the hard consequence.

As you look about do you find people in your life that make the hard decisions and do the hard yards first? These people save the money and then buy the best that they can afford. They build great foundations and then build upon them.

These, of course, are the hard-easy.

Much of our society is very much into promoting the easy-hard approach. Politicians, banks and companies all prey on the easy-hard personalities. Banks will say here have a credit card you can have it now, but in the small print, you realise the interest rate is 18%.

They are counting on you taking another credit card out to pay the interest on the first card. This, of course, is the hard. Companies produce cheaper and cheaper goods, the easy-hard person buys them and then the moment it is out of warranty it cannot be repaired only replaced.

In this way, your product becomes a perpetual expense. The easy-hard also plays out in relationships, bending the rules, taking the easy way out in the form of lying and miss truths.

Drug and alcohol sales depend on the easy-hard personality; I have pain, or difficulty drugs and alcohol make it go away in the short term only to wake up the next day with a new issue and the issue you avoided yesterday.

I frequently find this easy-hard approach being used in companies in multiple departments. It, of course, it is very short-sighted and costly in the long run. There is currently a slow change in this business arena.

Within the sales departments, people are trained in the basics and then sent out expected to reach targets, having no real foundations they fail and eventually leave. In many companies, 90% of all the sales are produced by as little as 10% of the personnel. What would happen if more resources were spent on bringing the majority of the staff up to speed?

Hard-easy people spend the time practising the basics over and over till it becomes second nature. When it comes time to perform, it is done with ease. It may appear to be slow to start, but in the long run, it always works out easier.

The skills that are acquired in the beginning may never be directly used however the disciplines developed in this stage will be used continually.

Allison has an Honours degree in Science Psychology, and this is a far cry from her career today. I have my original training in martial arts and Chinese medicine this too is far from what I do today, however, I am eternally grateful to the time, pain and sweat of then that now lets me live my life today.

This is because I chose to make hard pleasurable and easy painful. At the age of 16 I spent time, about a week of my life or about 30 hours of training my self in memory techniques, it is a skill that has helped me in every step since.

I believe the investment in my NLP training was essential to my long term happiness. I sold all my possessions and moved to England to  study, hard so I could enjoy this career, easy.

I frequently use this process in weight control, money issues and relationship issues.

Relationships blossom under the hard-easy method.

Telling your partner the truth up front means you take the hit once rather than living a life of fear waiting for them to eventually discover the truth.

You start to be yourself rather than the mask you create. I know in my family I am the odd one out. You may discover this as well. If you are easy-hard in a hard-easy family, you will be the black sheep.

If you are the hard-easy in an easy-hard family, you will also be thought of as the black sheep or at best just crazy. How do you develop the hard-easy, you make a commitment and then just do it. In the rain, in the shine, when it is easy, and especially when it is hard, especially when it is inconvenient, the easy people have all gone home or to the pub.

I have found this bit to be truly amusing, often you don’t have to be great at a thing or even extraordinarily gifted or talented to succeed, all that may be required is hard-easy, by doing so you just simply outlasted the crowd.

I know a man who went into a competition to win a car. All he had to do was suck on a babies dummy that was attached to the bumper of the car.

He had made up his mind that the car was his. He calculated that the majority of the people would last up to 48 hours. His conclusion was the competition would really start at about the hour 49. It ended up going for four days in total. Ohh, he ended up with the car.

Needless to say in his mind he was at day 2, and the competitors were at day 4. This man is not the smartest or the strongest. In this situation he was however hard-easy as a result he drove away in a brand new sports car.

Remembering that it is time, heat and pressure that makes diamonds. Being ordinary is easy, becoming a master takes the path of the hard which of course leads to the easy.

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