Easy Hard – Hard Easy – Part 2

Let’s continue with the theme of the last couple of days. Easy-Hard is an interesting way to live a life. This is just a short article today though. Something for you to ponder. People that get caught up in an easy way out end up consuming the resources of the citizens about them. It is because when things start to go from the easy to the hard, kind hearted individuals frequently give up the hard earned money or their precious time to help did others out of the hole they created for themselves, by taking the easy way in the first place.

How do we get better at doing the hard things so that life has the potential of becoming easy? My challenge to you, tell the truth to no one else but yourself. Pick a habit that you would like to create. My suggestion is, make it small. This could be as simple as ‘I am going to write in a journal every night all of the good things that have happened to me today’.

This becomes the promise you make to yourself. It could be as simple as getting out of bed in the morning and going for a walk or doing pushups.

Once you make the promise, it is to be kept. If you slip, then you start again, and you keep on starting until it becomes you. You will have done the hard that leads to the easy. Remember the first one is the most challenging. If on the first day you can do two and the next you can do three, with each passing day the extra one become significantly easier to do.

The only thing to remember is it must be done to be true to you. No excuses, no listening to the internal chatter that tries to talk you out of it. Accept that it is hard, uncomfortable, not what you are used to, even inconvenient in the being, it always is. Embrace this and do it anyway. The easy-hard people around you will also do their best to talk you out of it, ignore them. You are becoming truthful to yourself. You are doing something incredibly scary. You are changing.

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