Easy Hard – Hard Easy – Part 1

In keeping with the easy-hard hard-easy theme, did you realise there are two other stages. Easy-hard is a process, and a stage, as to is hard-easy. What I am saying is there are four levels but only two processes. The last article spoke about the two processes, easy-hard and hard-easy. I hope you are ready for a lot of references to easy and hard as it is all about these two words from here on in. The four stages of development and the formula for understanding, fulfilment and happiness are a natural progression from the knowledge of the way things work.

Easy-Hard leads to Hard-Hard

Hard-Easy leads to Easy-Easy.

By participating in Easy-Hard, it eventually leads to Hard-Hard.

By participating in Hard-Easy, it eventually leads to Easy-Easy.

I’m glad that that section is out of the way. Just one too many Easy-Hards.

If a person decides to live a life of always taking quick fix options it will inevitably lead to greater and greater issues. If we take the example of the sale of drugs to get an income that then leads to prison time. In a recent documentary from the united states it presented the financials of a street dealers. What was discovered was financially they were no better of than an employee of McDonalds. I know someone who had an easy-hard approach to life and then taught it to their child. The result was a life of drugs for the child and the premature death of his friends through overdose and violence.

Everyone surrounding the first person just suffered. It was always interesting to note that the finger of blame for the situation seemed always to be pointed at someone else. The avoiding what you know to be right, always leads to issues. Eating too many sweets and cakes today leads to obesity tomorrow. Spending without consideration today leads to poverty tomorrow. Partying today instead of preparing for the exam has its consequence. Drinking or taking drugs to escape a feeling just means the feeling will be back tomorrow.

In business, this is also very prevalent, by delaying vital decisions the most precious commodity on the planet is lost, time. With the time saved even if you make a mistake you will have the most valuable of resources to fix the situation.

By acting and doing the uncomfortable now, by making the hard decision or even the unpopular decision, in the long run, it works out. Remember the unpopular decision is the decision that everyone knows to be correct but don’t feel like doing.This is often because it is the hard-easy, most people are short sighted. Does this mean that if I always do Hard-Easy it will always work out perfectly, No it definitely does not. What it describes is Easy-Hard will always end in tears. Hard-Easy has the option of ending well. It has the ability to develop the mental and physical strength to have the foundations to build upon.  Does this mean that they live a life constantly looking to the future, No. it is a game of balance, the more we balance, the easier life becomes. Tomorrow lets look at how to improve your Hard-Easy mental muscle.

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