Dual Certification in Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy
  • Internationally Recognised
  • Course offered as part-time
  • Rewarding Career helping others
  • Financially rewarding business
  • Freedom to design your work life
  • Choose to open your own private practice
  • Or work with other therapists in a group practice


Trusted Australian Training Company
  • Dynamic Mind Works is the parent company and has been operating since 1999.
  • 6000+ Clients
  • 1500+ Graduates
  • Our mission is 100% of Happy, Satisfied Customers
  • Principal Trainer Robb Whitewood has been ranked #1 in Australia


Post-Graduate Career Support and Mentoring
  • Your certification is accredited by the IICT.
  • Start practicing straight away with the peace of mind of insurance.
  • The AANLP is your association providing you with ongoing support after you graduate.
  • Receive a practitioner listing and credibility.
  • Ongoing training discounts and access to hundreds of training videos.

In over two decades of operating in the Natural Therapies industry, rarely does one come across true integrity and authenticity in the delivery of NLP practice

Lawrence Ellyard

IICT Founder and Director

Dual Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy Certification

Rewarding Career

A  Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy career is personally rewarding.  Supporting clients and making a positive impact on people's lives and their families.

Be part of the solution to the increasing levels of loneliness, anxiety and depression in our society.

Discover how helping others can give you a sense of worth and happiness.

Financially Rewarding

Start a new career in a growing industry.

Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists can earn upwards of a 6 figure income with ease.

Within 3 months you can start to see paying clients at over $100 per session.  As an experienced therapist significantly more.

Overview of Certification & Fees
  • Foundation Level: NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner live training certifications (160 hours)
  • Specialisation Modules in Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy (96 hours)
  • Review 4 books: 50 hours
  • Clinical Group Supervision: 25 hours
  • Group Mentoring: 20 hours
  • Case Studies - Home Study: 100 hours
  • Examinations & Assessments: 10 hours
  • Revision of NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner training (120 hours) or prior equivalent standing.
  • Revision of Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy  (60 Hours) or prior equivalent standing.

Commitment : 641 hours


We believe in full disclosure of fees and charges on your first contact with us. We represent extremely good value for your investment. When comparing us with other schools ensure you closely compare like for like.  Our 100% commitment is to your career journey and ensuring that you receive a complete solution to practicing in your chosen profession.

We offer various payment solutions to suit your budget and your career path.

From as little as $64 per week depending on your deposit and payment term. See suggested plans below which accommodate most of our  students.

Plan 1 (non NLP graduate): Deposit $3700 and pay about $120 per week over 24 months.  Total over 2 years study $17700 inc GST.  You are eligible to begin seeing paying clients after completing the first component of your course within the first 6 weeks. An important extra financial source to assist you with covering your fees.

Plan 2 (non NLP graduate): Fast-track your career and full payment completed in 3 installments within 3 months of starting.  Graduate within 9-12 months -  receive a discount of $1100. You can start seeing paying clients within 6 weeks of your course start.

Plan 3: Already an NLP Master Practitioner graduate?  Your fees to complete the Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy component is $5,700 inc GST.  Early Bird pricing available - see up to date offer below in registration options.

Are you on the right path?

All potential students sit down with one of the principal trainers to map out their goals and discover their suitability of being a therapist in this field.

The International Institute of Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy is committed to ensuring your career and personal needs can be met by completing the certification training.

We offer a 10 day cooling off period so that you know you have some time to discover if you are 100% comfortable with your investment in this certificaiton.

Vector badge and label satisfaction guaranteed colored in blue with text 100 percent ribbon and stars for marketing and business promo EPS 10 illustration isolated on white background.

We  offer a 100% money back guarantee if after the first 4 days of the live face to face training module you realise the course is not for you.  Why 4 days?  This is because we know that an informed decision cannot be made until the end of the 4th day.

Areas of Theory and Practical Competence
  • Rapport Building in a Clinic Environment
  • Boundaries in Clinic
  • Circle of Concern in Clinic
  • Drama Cycle in Clinic
  • Relationship Model of Counselling
  • Counselling skills
  • Observation skills
  • Positive action language skills
  • Leverage and Well formed condition
  • Treating the person as a Whole and integrated person
  • Techniques and methods to work through any issue
  • Specific issues resolution: depression, anxiety, stress, anger, suicide, domestic violence, addictions, bullying, self-esteem, relationships, motivation & learning, anorexia & bulimia, sexual issues, health issues, career challenges and more.
  • Psychosis & sub-modalities
  • Integrating coaching techniques: health, wealth, relationships & success
  • Client Selection, who you can and can’t work with.  Criteria of client’s you can assist.
  • Measuring Success for the Client.  History taking, baseline measurement, results measurement.  Demonstration of client progress & results.
  • How and who to refer to. Working with other professionals.
  • Childhood psychotherapy
  • Adolescent psychotherapy
  • Hypnosis styles
  • Hypnotherapy use & techniques
  • The process of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy combined
  • Therapist’s Personal Development
  • Leadership
  • Time Management
  • Administration Skills
  • Marketing & Sales Skills
  • Professional skills
  • Ethics and Code of Conduct
  • Running a Business / Mentorship
  • IICT membership
  • Insurance
  • Working internationally
Qualifications and Opportunities

On successful completion of all training days, assessments and examinations you will be certified to practice as a Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist. You can choose to offer services in both or only one therapeutic modality.  You will receive 2 separate certificates for each modality. In addition you will receive 8 other certifications : NLP practitioner, NLP master practitioner, Hypnosis level 1 + 2, Time based technique 1 + 2, Neuro Relationship Technique 1 + 2.

Your certification is accredited by the AANLP (Association for Applied NLP) and the IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapists).  With this accreditation you can access insurance and practice both in Australia and internationally.  Including USA, Canada and the UK.

You can choose to practice full-time, part-time or on a casual basis as a second income stream.  Open a private practice or practice alongside established practices.

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We are here to assist you. Please phone our office on 1300 305 173 or sms "iiph" to 0488 046 336.

Book your free 60 minute pre-training consultation to find out all the details.

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  • * 60 Minute FREE Intake Consultation
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  • * We help you design a budget and payment plan
  • * Study part-time over 24 Months with 24 Months payment plan.
  • * Works out to be $8,850 inc. GST per year or Total $17, 700 inc. GST
  • * Receive Full Certification within 18-24 months.
  • * 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • * $20 non refundable Hold Deposit Due Now

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Fast TrackCareer

  • * 60 Minute FREE Intake Consultation
  • * Receive support to make an informed decision
  • * Study Part-time & Qualify in 9-12 Months
  • * Pay up front to save $1100
  • * Total fees $16,600
  • * $1600 Deposit Due Now
  • * 50% balance in month 1, final 50% balance in month 3.
  • * 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • * 10 day cooling off

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  • * Pre-requisite NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner
  • * Study Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy Part-time
  • * Full certification within 3-6 Months
  • * 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • * 7 day cooling off
  • * Early Bird Fees $6900. Save $1000.
  • * Deposit of $2000 due October 15th
  • * 2 Installments - 15th December 2016 and 15th February 2017.