NLP Trainers Training

What you can expect?

In 19 days you will have the tool box and expertise to be the best Trainer you can be. Armed with proven NLP techniques, you will stand out from the crowd. Our objective is to graduate top-quality, elegant and effective Trainers. The wonderful thing is that whether you are passionately interested in teaching NLP or not, NLP Trainers Training gives you the skills to train or present anything. You develop and stretch your ability to manage, influence and lead people and teams because you are empowered and resourced with world best training patterns. It is about reaching your personal unique outcomes.

The course will cover the following 4 key components:

  • 12 days Face-to-Face Training
  • 3 days Independent Assignment
  • 4 days NLP Practical Hands-on Learning
  • NLP Online Examination

At the close of the course, you will have the ability to lead with confidence, and to apply NLP to make positive and lasting changes in your life and the lives of those around you.

Completing all 19 days you will be awarded  certification to the level of NLP Trainer.  Completing the first 15 days you will be awarded certification to the level of Trainer.

Why NLP?

You will discover that there is no other training that gives you so many benefits. The long term benefits to your health, wealth and happiness will far outweigh the cost of your initial investment. Through our courses you will build an understanding of the inner workings of the human mind and nervous system, and how behaviour is controlled and created. These skills and techniques are readily applied in all areas of life, from the bedroom to the boardroom.

Why This Course?

This course is the most comprehensive of its type in Australia. It will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to become the best NLP practitioners and NLP trainers you can be! The course is facilitated by Robb Whitewood, one of the most experienced NLP trainers operating in Sydney today.  Gain insight into the high standard of delivery of training courses by reading the hundreds of testimonials from the graduates and client’s of Dynamic Mind Works.

What will you learn to do?

  • Teaching to the conscious and unconscious minds at the same time
  • Structuring and delivering training outcomes
  • Creating group rapport
  • Pacing and leading groups
  • Raising and orchestrating the energy in the room
  • Handling and making use of criticism, objections and heckling with ease and grace
  • Getting rid of fears in advance for powerful confidence flexibility and competence
  • Platform skills and stage anchoring
  • Bulletproofing stacking and resourcing your training states
  • Utilising nested loops
  • Creating group rapport
  • What you can do, what you can’t do, what you need to learn

What are the expected outcomes?

  • The ability to lead with confidence
  • The ability to organise and deliver an empowering presentation to 1 or 10,000.
  • The ability to influence the minds and actions of those about you. The reality to get your message across the 1st time every time.
  • The ability to influence the behaviours of others at an unconscious level.
  • The tremendous sense of reward you get for being a positive influence on the lives of those around you.

What Your Course Includes

  • Twelve days of face-to-face training. 3 days allocated to an assignment.
  • 4 days allocated to NLP classroom practical experience to be agreed with your trainer. This could be running workshops, tutorials, co-training in a real NLP class.
  • You will be taught by the principal trainer Robb Whitewood who is the founder of the ABNLP.  Robb has over 30 years NLP and Hypnosis experience in clinical and business settings.
  •  NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner online examinations
  • Limited intake for personal attention.
  • Access to your trainer before and after your course.
  • Course refresh options at Trainer rates.
  • Complimentary pre-training consultation with your trainer to align your needs to the course.
  • An NLP Trainers Training certification recognised by the AANLP
  • Your certification is issued by the Institute of Advanced Human Communication and will include the AANLP logo.
  • Eligible to apply for NLP Training positions with Dynamic Mind Works on successfully completing all components.

About the Assignment

Between the face to face training modules your assignment will be to plan and deliver a 2 hour workshop or training.  This component is allocated 3 days. The topic can be selected based on your interests.  Full instructions are given to you during the first part of your face to face training.

The outcomes of the assignment is to consolidate the information into your unconscious thought processes. You may not be aware as yet, but by the time you have completed your training you will be tracking at least 30 separate patterns as second nature.

Face to face class time format :

  1. General Q & A of the morning.
  2. Information in the mid morning.
  3. After lunch, participants will present in groups and be given    feedback.
  4. Each evening students will integrate that day’s lesson in to the following day’s presentation.

Specific Topics Covered

  • How groups form and the stages of development
  • Issues and considerations of each developmental area.
  • Special problems within groups.
  • Learning and training styles
    • 4-mat system
  • Training states and language in training & influencing
  • Expanding awareness in presentation
  • Milton model patterns
    • Hypnotic language patterns
    • Multiple embedded Metaphors
  • Effective feedback
    • Way of utilising feedback
    • Polarity responders
  • How to setup a training room
    • General considerations
    • Wideroom setup
    • Classroom setup
    • Big room setup
  • Stage anchoring
  • Group rapport
  • Training design
  • Knowing your outcome
  • Learning strategies
  • Modeling
    • NLP Principle of training design
    • Ways to model
    • Training checklists
    • General outline for training
    • Story boarding
    • Training Methods
    • Testing
  • What is coaching?
  • Checklist for training logistics
  • Exercise design
  • Chunking and sequencing
  • Training design example
  • Leadership
    • What is leadership?
    • What are the major benefits of good leadership?
    • What are signs of good leadership? What are elements of leadership?
    • What are some of the myths of leadership?
    • Styles of leadership
      • Leadership by EXAMPLE VS INSTRUCTION
      • Leadership by CONTROL VS ASSISTANCE
      • Leadership by SYSTEMS VS PRAGMATISM
      • Values based leadership
  • Effective presentations
    • Using Satir categories
    • Group presentations
    • Audience introductions
    • Closing sales at intro event
    • Selling an intro event to business
    • Questions are the answers
    • How to use a wall chart
    • Demo subject selection
    • Explaining demos at a meta Level
    • Tasking
    • Demonstration of the major NLP Patterns

These graduates of Dynamic Mind Works have completed all 3 levels of certification: NLP Practitioner, Master NLP Practitioner, NLP Trainers Training.

  • - Pam Darby-Mann

    - Massage Therapist, NLP Practitioner, Trainer

    As always this was another journey with Robb that has brought me to a greater wisdom, understanding and practise to live my life in completeness.  xxxx

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  • - Lian Sztajer

    - Secondary School Teacher, Business Owner

    As a Business Owner with the back ground of many of years of teaching, there has always been a way of training in the security of your own topics, own agenda.  With NLP .... More

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  • - Bruce Black

    - Business Coach Trainer

    NLP Trainers Training is a rewarding and empowering experience.  The level of skill and self confidence gained is outstanding.

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  • - Karen Van Druten

    - Owner Business Consultant

    A commitment of time, focus and energy for an exponential lift in training competence towards mastery.

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  • - Peter

    - Financial Services Consulting

    Whether you are in business, a health professional, are involved in training and education, or simply wish to improve the quality of your relationship to yourself and you.... More

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  • - James

    - Postman

    I wasn’t too sure what to expect having done prac and master practitioner.  Trainers training was a big surprise and enabled me to see myself in a new light and reinfo.... More

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  • - Anon

    - Unknown

    leadership, confidence, fun * * * I feel I reached a new level of understanding about what it means for me to be a leader I experienced a new level of confidence in front.... More

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  • - anon

    - Unknown

    transformational, speechless, freeing * * * realisations around my behaviours confidence and clarity speaking general confidence

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  • - James Oakley

    - NSW Government

    Overtime I come to refresh, I am always discovering something news my awareness expands. Thank you Robb, Allison, Marcus and Co. for your constant kindness and encouragem.... More

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  • - Gladys Di Biasi

    - Master NLP Practitioner

    “I highly recommend Robb Whitewood, he has enormous knowledge, experience and a great capacity to satisfy the highest expectations.”

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  • - Karen Van Druten

    - Director of Strategic Human Resource Consulting

    Real power is dignified and efficient, supportive, noble and providing meaning. In the hands of a real genius all seems effortless and there is an integrity that is maste.... More

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  • - Maike Sundmacher

    - Lecturer, Private Educational Institute

    To do or not to do has been a permanent question in my life – the situation was no different when it came to deciding whether to enrol in Dynamic Mind Work’s Trainers.... More

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