NLP Master Practitioner

What is NLP Master Practitioner Certification?

One student described it as the missing operating manual for the human mind. In many ways, it is a doorway into another world of understanding and knowledge. It is the ability to expand personal awareness to the point of being able to positively influence both self and others with a sentence or gesture.

Each individual who undertakes NLP Master Practitioner Certification will have a different application for the training. NLP Master Practitioner is about understanding the inner workings of the human mind and nervous system, and how behavior is controlled and created. This practical knowledge and the accompanying skills and techniques are essential for those in positions of responsibility or leadership (or who aspire to be).

It is essential learning for any individual in positions that require that he or she influence the behaviour or thinking of others, like sales, marketing, teaching, business and law.

To the therapist, counsellor, coach, it is the difference between guessing and knowing the right thing to do to get that break-through or change of behaviour. To the natural therapist, it is a wonderful tool for bringing into alignment the mind and the body.

To the parent, it is the operating manual that was accidentally left at the hospital.

For everyone, it is a journey of self-discovery that leads to life contentment.

Your Master NLP practitioner course is facilitated by Robb Whitewood, one of only a handful of highly experienced NLP trainers operating in Australia today. This NLP certification course is taught to international standards and is recognised all over the world. This 12-day training covers 4 modules that will maximise your personal and professional outcomes.

  • Quantum Change Advanced NLP techniques
  • BONUS Module: Advanced Hypnosis
  • BONUS Module: Advanced NLP Magic incorporating
    • Advanced Time Based Technique.
    • Advanced Neuro-Relationship Technique.

Your course will include:

  • 12 days of face to face training – practical hands-on experience.
  • Heavily discounted Master NLP DVD sets, unique to Dynamic Mind Works
  • Access to a library of over 50 online NLP educational video clips
  • Access to your trainer after your course in the form of monthly webinar.
  • Course Refresh options at discounted rates
  • Complimentary pre-training consultation with your trainer to align your needs to the course
  • BONUS topic: Advanced NRT, a powerful relationship focussed technique to address relationship issues and support healthy relationship constructs (NRT was designed by Robb Whitewood and only taught in this school)
  • Option to sit an Master NLP online examination.
  • A Master NLP Practitioner certification recognised by the AANLP and IICT.
  • Additionally you are awarded with a Advanced: Hypnosis, Time Based Technique and Neuro-Relationship Technique certificates
  • On graduation you qualify to join the NLP Trainer Training course.

Multiple board breaking is possible with applying technique, intention and learnt through modelling.

  • - Sondra

    - Accountant

    The changes in my thoughts and behaviours are amazing and the skills I have learnt are embedded in me- I will never be the same again!!! I look forward to my new life.

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  • - Matt Vincent

    - Sales & Performance Coach, Thought Leader

    This training is by far one of the BEST personal development trainings you could ever do. It’s an amazing insight into the power of the mind & understanding human b.... More

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  • - Andrew Cranwell

    - Management Consultant

    Dynamic Mind Works has a unique ability to impact enough knowledge of the theory & practical experience to leave you with more than enough confidence to continue the .... More

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  • - Tania Browitt

    - Photo Media Artist

    This was liberating: emotionally, spiritually & physically. A journey for every soul. Find your authentic self! This was a major game changer for me personally. My w.... More

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  • - Kresant Mahil

    - Trainer & Coach

    Robb is a unique teacher. His life has been his message and his passion for human development, peak performance & the love of his students is passed on through his te.... More

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  • - Marcos De Souz

    - IT Operations Manager

    This training is a really life changing experience. When you confront the aspects of you that you tend to avoid. Knowing those aspects consciously opens a whole new set o.... More

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  • - Jen Q.

    It just keeps getting better!

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  • - Marcel Ghazal

    - Business Owner

    I can’t believe I waited so long! Robb’s absorption of NLP & the way he has manipulated/modified it & regurgitated it back to us (the people) is absolutely am.... More

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  • - Catherine Boon

    I attended Dynamic Mind Works’ NLP Practitioner with specific intention on tidying up so I am ready to facilitate. Continuing from Practitioner to Master Practitioner h.... More

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  • - Sharon

    - Nutrition

    A fantastic, life-changing experience. I had no idea of the amazing journey that I would go on.

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  • - Christina Cummins

    - Head of Human Resources

    Brilliant, very empowering. This program has given me the confidence, knowledge & tools to succeed & live my life with purpose. Robb is truly a masterful facilita.... More

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  • - Annette

    - Business Management.

    Always a challenge worth taking – thank you so very much for supporting my desire to advance.

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  • - Alexey Prokopenko

    - IT Manager, Business Developer.

    It is just a simple and exciting journey. Everyone has to take it and change their life if they have desire to do so!

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  • - C. O’Donahue

    - NLP Practitioner & Naturopath

    Thank you for your passion and dedication to expanding our consciousness to a better place – or “positive choice point”, Robb and Ali are an amazing team.  The.... More

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  • - Anon

    - Unknown

    WOW, to see the things I couldn’t see before, to learn some new skills and techniques that will enhance my life experiences in the business/family/fitness realms, and t.... More

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  • - Julie Irwin

    - Wellness Therapist.

    “I Broke the Board” Woohoo. Thank you.

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  • - Shirley Kinnaird

    - wife/mother

    Extremely exciting, mind opening and completely compelling – another new level of my life.

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  • - Gavin Rudd

    - Professional Problem Solver via Kitchen Company business owner.

    If your utterly, totally happy and have full complete control over your emotions and life as a whole, don’t do this course ….

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  • - Peter D

    - Business Owner.

    Robb Whitewood of Dynamic Mind Works has an amazing ability to teach and transfer knowledge and skills in transformative techniques for growth and change in an environmen.... More

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  • - Maike Sundmacher

    - Lecturer

    The only words that come to mind are: amazing, absolutely amazing … in delivery, content and with respect to results. Thanks so much.

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  • - anon

    - Unknown

    NLP Master Prac has helped me gain a lot more clarity and focus in my life.  It has taught me how to not only help myself but to be of great benefit to others.

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  • - Niro Dayalan

    - IT Manager

    Thank You Robb & Allison Each and every day has been more powerful than the previous one – 12 days of powerful, passion creating liberating days.  I am and for.... More

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  • - Kellie Wilson

    - McDonald’s

    {NLP} Practitioner gives you a ticket to go through the door. {NLP} Master Practitioner gives you a ticket to go through any door at anytime.

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  • - Joshua Henry

    - Alignment Coach

    My inner child had been waiting about years for me to just close my eyes and say a few things that meant everything. Thank you.

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  • - Lee Stobart-Vallaro

    - Artist

    Life changing – so profoundly experience but words do not convey the magnitude of the change or the wonderful love and freedom that it releases within. forever grat.... More

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  • - Nicole Thorndike

    - Life and Business Coach

    “If I had to describe Robb Whitewood integrity, world class, professionalism and excellence would all be limited terms.”

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  • - Craig Perrin

    - Business Owner

    The methods and skills learnt during the course are already assisting my business in not only how we relate to our clients, it also has improved the way in which the busi.... More

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  • - Brett Etchells

    - Business owner

    “I have only the highest regard for Robb Whitewood in both his approach to life and his total professionalism and integrity in his teaching and training methods..... More

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  • - Sylvia Chau

    - NLP Practitioner

    Robb Whitewood is a very engaging and resourceful presenter who easily captivates his audience. He delivers training which is a good blend of theory and practical and rea.... More

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  • - Anna Sundt

    - Artist, Psychologist


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  • - Scott MacDonald

    - Registered Nurse

    I am currently working as a Registered Nurse at a major Children’s Hospital.  Over the past years I have taken on various Clinical leadership positions (CNC). The.... More

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  • - David Frood

    - Author or the thinking corporation

    An educational and enlightening program that helps you fine tune and program you for ‘success’.

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  • - Annette Wyllie

    - Business Management Services

    I have experienced NLP Practitioner twice – once in 2004 and again in 2009. The difference to me in the way I appreciate myself and relate to my clients and family has .... More

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  • - Rebecca Glissan

    - Coach, Clairvoyant

    How can one put into words the life changing difference that NLP makes to ones life? Are we aware of the precise moment in our life where we layer our future with impossi.... More

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