Robb Whitewood Ranked #5 in the World NLP

Robb Whitewood has been ranked #5 in the World as NLP Global Gurus for 2016.  He is ranked #1 in Australia.  This independent classification can be found here:

Robb extends his gratitude to all his clients, students and associates for this privileged position.

The top 5 in the list for 2016 include:

Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP), John Grinder (co-creator of NLP), Derren Brown (NLP / Hypnosis TV Celebrity), John La Valle    (NLP Trainer and Colleague and Promoter of Richard Bandler) & Robb Whitewood  (NLP Master Trainer and Master Hypnotist).


How are these rankings performed?   The selected Gurus are: trainers, speakers or thought leaders and selected based on  the following criteria:

  • Their ideas unique and viable.
  • Global Gurus are thought leaders, they create new concepts and ideas that promote the development in the areas of their expertise.
  • They affect others through their books, training, speaking and articles.
  • These should be people  influence the professional world.

How to contemplate Part II

By Robb Whitewood

Contemplation versus affirmation.

(see first how to Contemplate Part I)

There is considerable similarity between the 2 processes. With an affirmation of what we are doing is holding a repetitive phrase within our conscious awareness. In the exercises that we’ve been running the phrase has been ‘ I’m a money magnet’. If we were to simply repeat this phrase over and over again it would be referred to as either a mantra or an affirmation. The primary difference with contemplation is that we are looking for what are the consequences or conclusions that we come to by holding this thought.

An example of this could be that we start off with the statement ‘ I am a money magnet’ and this leads us to ask, what does this mean? our mind may give us a response of something like ‘this would mean I would have more time to do the things that I enjoy’. By doing this we have created a link between the sentence ‘I am money magnet’ and the concept of having ‘more time to enjoy things’. Of course once this realisation is made we start again ‘I am a money magnet’ this time we might come up with the idea literally of how to make more money. Each time we go through the process of asking the question we create a new neural Association. The primary purpose of this is that every time we create new associations it has an effect on what we see in the world of physical reality. This in many ways is quite similar to the way character recognition software operates. The 1st step for a computer to use character recognition is that it has to have a library of letters to compare with what has been scanned. If it has no letters on the inside it can’t see them on the outside. Human beings are very much the same if they don’t have a pattern on the inside of their head it very difficult for them to perceive it in physical reality. I suppose simply put if I’ve been trained to see the colour blue, I can see blue. However if all of a sudden purple is presented to me and I have no pattern on the inside of my head to recognise purple, this colour would simply be invisible to me.

By using the process of contemplation we are growing our ability to see things and take advantage of things that are always around us.

When we enter into the world of quantum physics and esoteric studies we end up doing exactly the same thing. We hold an image of our completed goal in our mind. Please hear the most important thing of all is that it is of the completed goal. As we hold this image it is also imperative that we experience all of the internal feelings of actually having reached this point in time. It is through this process that we actually start to vibrate with emotion. The primary purpose of course is because of the rule of harmonics. Things that vibrate at a particular frequency harmonise with things in their environment of the same frequency. So in other words like begets like. If I’m feeling wealthy then I attract wealth into my life. This is the reason that we use the sentence ‘ I’m a money magnet’.

Mindset : The Warrior vs The Soldier

By Kresant Mahilill

Over the past few month’s I have to admit that I’ve been feeling burnt out on the progress towards my goals especially the one of achieving financial freedom. Waking up in the morning to prospect for new clients , going to the gym to beat my last deadlift, to run faster than my last 5km, to buy another property, to do more personal development than yesterday – fellow dream chasers, holla if you feel me 😀

“Why am I doing this to myself ?” – I thought
To Be the Best I Can Be.
To Take Every Opportunity.
To Never Give Up – To Never Settle

Then why the burn out, why the struggle, and why the Pain of the Process rather than the Joy of the Journey !

If your a dream chaser you’ve been here before. The Certainty of your Vision, Purpose and Passion have been tested by the storm of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

Today – I had a blue sky moment !

What if i’ve been living the last few years as a Solider ie disciplined, methodical, clinical, surgical and systematic in the process of “achievement”. The solider does as he is told, follows the process, never questions authority and is good at taking orders.

What if I could live as a Warrior or “Bushido”. Where all that matters is progress, perfection of technique, every trial is lesson, and every battle is a school ground. Where goals are important but fleeting and momentary, but the journey and discovery of self is the real prize. To move past emotion and the illusion of victory and defeat.

The way of Awareness, Becoming & Being.

Self knowledge is the goal.

Where the state in which you practice and learn is everything. There is never failure – only feedback. Then all obstacles are “on the way” and never “in the way”.

The Effort is still Present – but the Struggle is no more…

I Choose Warrior!

May the Force Be with You All 😀

Thank you – to my teachers :)
Robb Whitewood – for bringing to my awareness what I have know but had forgotten.
Nina Concepcion – for the listening to my heart, remembering my intuition and the power in vulnerability
Kancho Deena Naidu – for never giving up on this wayward budo-ka! Domo Arigato always”

How to Contemplate Part I

By Robb Whitewood

Quite a number of individuals have been contacting me either through e-mail or over the phone and asking me to clarify the very process of contemplation and how it differs or is similar to the process of affirmation.

Before we begin describing the difference between contemplation and affirmation we need to realise that we are operating in at least 2 distinct realms. The 1st realm is the one of creating new neural pathway, with the creation of new neural pathways new behaviours can be generated. The 2nd real his entry into the world of metaphysics and quantum physics. This is the world of vibration, frequency and harmonics.

It is important to note the many very famous individuals have used this very system or something very similar. Within these ranks we can find Kings, presidents, multimillionaires entertainers and many of the great people of history. It is far from a new concept, its origins can be found in pre-Egyptian time. Variations of this methodology can be found within religious systems of the world esoteric communities which include the Masons, The Knights Templar and the illuminati.

These organisations have existed throughout history not because they were a good idea but simply because the technology that they were using the social networks that they established worked. In more recent history we’ve had these concepts presented to us in the book “the secret”.

So if that’s the case let’s continue …

See How to Contemplate Part II