Behind the Curtain: Optimal Health is in Your Power

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Behind the Curtain: Optimal Health is in Your Power

By Robb Whitewood

We hear of disease every day and we tend to accept it as being a necessary part of life. But what is the real reason that we brush disease off as acceptable? If we delve deeper we realize that the fundamental part of what makes us human, our emotions, is the biggest player in the game of disease. The normal are very prone to disease because they spend so much time suppressing emotion that it affects their physiology. Emotions are not insubstantial things to be taken lightly. They are complex cocktails of hormones, neural peptides and enzymes. Their primary purpose is to drive the body into some sort of physical action.

“The normal are very prone to disease because they spend so much time suppressing emotion that it affects their physiology.”

When you experience fear it’s your body’s way of telling you to leave whatever situation it is that you are in. However, if you suppress fear, your body has to store all of that fuel and energy generated by the emotion. No wonder we put on weight when we are stressed. If we are angry or sad, again, that complex cocktail is involved! One of the primary objectives for losing weight is to examine how you deal with your primary emotions and relationships. Instead of suppressing emotion, you express emotion. This doesn’t mean that every time you get annoyed you should fly into a rage. Yes, that’s expressing your emotion and getting it all out, so to speak, but there is collateral damage to consider. Again, by flying into a rage, you are essentially being controlled by your external environment as opposed to you controlling it. Instead, consider how you could turn the situation to your advantage. When the world is throwing tomatoes at you, think about how you could turn them into tomato sauce. This places you in control rather than being controlled by everything that is going on externally.

Endocrinology is the branch of medicine concerned with the endocrine glands and hormones. From a neurophysiology and endocrinology perspective, when you have the emotion of fear for a prolonged period of time, it triggers the adrenal glands to release adrenalin. It also increases cortisol levels, pulling the blood away from the intestines and into the limbs and blood from the frontal lobe into the rear areas of the brain. This means that your ability to digest food is seriously compromised and instead of digesting food in a nice even way, the body has to make a decision about how to deal with the food. By this point there is not enough energy to digest it efficiently as the whole system is compromised, so the simplest solution requiring the least energy is to store it as fat. A whole host of health problems can then ensue, including the buildup of fat in the arteries. The excess cortisol in the system caused by being in a prolonged state of fear or stress leads to the hardening of the fat in the arteries resulting in arterial sclerosis or atherosclerosis.

“Stress is produced in our society primarily because of what we refer to as perceptional predators.”

Stress is produced in our society primarily because of what we refer to as perceptional predators. These are not literal predators! How many times have you been chased by a crocodile in the last three weeks? Perceptional predators are things that cause fear and stress similar from a chemical perspective to that which may be felt when being chased by a predator like a crocodile. The difference with perceptional predators is that this fear or stress can last for prolonged periods of time. How many times have you felt stressed out by arguments with your partner, paying bills on time, traffic, the kids or watching people getting killed on the news? It is highly likely that these types of stressful situations occur on a daily basis meaning that your adrenal glands are constantly being stimulated potentially leading to adrenal exhaustion. There are a multitude of symptoms that go with this including digestive problems, lower back pain, and fuzzy head. For some, the stress may become so much that you literally cannot function. As they say, “Your get up and go got up and went!” The adrenal glands are meant to react to situations in short bursts to provide you with much needed energy in an urgent situation. However, if you are constantly living in a state of stress, naturally, the glands will reach a point of exhaustion and you will literally lose the ability to function.  This opens the door to all sorts of disease.

In order to get around the constant barrage of stress that’s all around you, you have to stop and recognise that it’s all on the outside. The true master is on the inside. The river of life is running and the objective is joy and happiness and to be in control of that happiness. You cannot do it if you give away the power. Don Tolman, a health expert and advocate of self-care and self-education, once conducted a simple human experiment in which he offered a glass of water to a person and asked them to drink it. The person was so skeptical and worried about what could be in the glass that they refused to drink it. He handed them a sealed can of coke and they instantly took the can and drank it without any hesitation. But what did the person think was in the coke? Coke is full of high-fructose corn syrup. The consumption of large quantities of high-fructose corn syrup has been linked to obesity and diabetes. Coke is known to cause tooth decay. Even if they were drinking diet coke, there are still health concerns due to the artificial sweetener aspartame. Aspartame is a subject of controversy over its perceived link to cancer and is also known to cause deterioration in the normal decline of the kidneys over time if consumed on a daily basis. Yet this person would rather drink coke than a glass of tap water? That is brainwashing at its best.

“We cannot say that Monsanto is the baddie because they are just doing exactly what everybody else is doing.”

Monsanto is one of the biggest agricultural and biotechnology companies in the world. One of their chief aims is the spread of genetically modified crops to control the production of food globally. They play hard ball and they always win. If you were part of a collection of farmers who decided to go GM free and refused to buy Monsanto’s seeds, they would leave you to it, to an extent. They would sell to everyone else, but if they found their grain on your property by any chance, they could sue you, and having the deep pockets that they do, they would win. Monsanto always wins. After that, the next farmer would be more likely to buy their seed than anyone else’s. This does not mean that Monsanto are bad. It is just the way it is. It is the way the system works. We all do exactly the same thing in business. If you were in a hunting group, you would spear the animal you were hunting before the next person. It is about survival of the fittest. Therefore, you cannot say that Monsanto is good or bad. The way they behave is a normal human trait and they are just better at it. They have the power and ability to go one step further in order to win. Every conqueror in the world has played the same game. Every country in the world has played the same game. We cannot say that Monsanto is the baddie because they are just doing exactly what everybody else is doing.

Where do morals come into all of this? They don’t. The fact is morals are usually created by the people at the top to keep the people at the bottom under control. The people at the top will instantly change their morals when it suits them. There is no right, there is no wrong, it just is. When you spend so much time fighting against something which you perceive to be wrong, you can become the wrong doer in the process as you will have to break the rules in order to facilitate the rules. How many police have you seen go the wrong way due to this concept?

“The jails in America are all privately owned corporations. They get paid $50,000 per head, per inmate!”

During the Vietnam War, the Cambodians paid for the weapons by growing poppies which they turned into opium. The CIA then shipped the opium via Air America to the United States. This established what is now known as the Golden Triangle within Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Almost as soon as that war stopped, the war between Afghanistan and Russia started. The Afghani’s needed weapons, so the CIA gave them poppy seeds to grow heroin. By the end of the Afghani/Russian war, Afghanistan was producing up to 80 per cent of the world’s heroin. The Taliban then came into play and put the poppy growers in jail as they are fundamentalists and they do not believe in mind altering drugs. This reduced world heroin production to roughly two per cent in Afghanistan. The Americans went back into Afghanistan and heroin production went back up to about 90 per cent. The heroin is then shipped to America where it is sold on the street and if you get caught with it, you go to jail. The jails in America are all privately owned corporations. They get paid $50,000 per head, per inmate! The inmates work in jail, and that my friend is called slavery.

You can be sent to jail for possessing cannabis in the States. If you are caught with it and plead guilty, you can get up to five years. However, if you argue the case and you lose, you get 25 years. What would you do if you were faced with this predicament? You see, slavery is alive and well. The economic groups most likely to be in this predicament are those on low incomes. The main lobbyists campaigning to keep cannabis as a class A drug are the pharmaceutical companies, tobacco companies, and alcohol companies. Cannabis has a number of beneficial effects including pain relief, glaucoma, movement disorders and asthma, to name but a few. The side effects are actually low compared to the side effects of tobacco and alcohol, but it is not good for paranoia!

“We operate in a working slavery system that is highly effective and efficient.”

Everything has its down side. Like all medicines, if you take an appropriate amount it is beneficial. But if you take a lot inappropriately, it can do you harm. Our health is directly linked to our emotions and our current cultural system is not one that supports health that starts from within. We operate in a working slavery system that is highly effective and efficient. It isn’t good or bad, it just is. Be aware of your world and you can play the game more effectively, or just observe, either way, it’s up to you to choose.

Robb Whitewood is Australia’s number one rated NLP trainer in 2015. You can learn more about what is really going on behind the curtain and empower yourself via Robb’s NLP Practitioner course. Sign up via the home page today and change your life.


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